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f April 25 – May 1, 2010

Living Programs Foundation Newsletter

Dr. Tom McCall

Dr. McCall has a Doctorate in Old Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  He has authored or co-authored  nine books on Biblical subjects, served 25 years as Missionary with Chosen People Ministries, worked with Zola Levitt in his Television ministry, and taught adjunct college and seminary courses.

He has led numerous tours to Israel, the Middleast, Greece and Europe, participated in archaeological programs about Biblical Lands.  He is currently teaching adult  Bible classes in the Tyler area, and in live streaming and archived classes on the Internet.

ISRAEL UPDATE.  All our classes begin with an Israel Update.  As Bible believing Christians, we believe in the imminent Rapture of the Body of Christ, the restoration and redemption of Israel at the 2nd Coming of Christ, the reign of Christ for a thousand years over the same world that crucified Him with Jerusalem as His capital, and the eternal New Heaven, the New Earth and the New Jerusalem.
Israel is a key element in the unfolding of Bible prophecy.  The nations, individuals and churches that stand by Israel as it faces Satanic fury from around the world will be blessed by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We need to be aware of what is happening in and about Israel as we move ever closer to the Lord’s return.
Jeff Gutterman, director of the Firstborn Son Ministry in the Dallas area, has established a relationship with an Israeli Christian youth ministry called Netivah.

This is an indigenous work led by Israeli military believers in Christ, who are working with young Jewish believers who are about to go into the army.  Netivah trains them on how to maintain their witness for the Lord during and after their obligatory military service.

Netivah is endorsed as part of the Israel Project that we support.  If you are interested in supporting this project, please let us know.

Shalom in Christ,

Tom McCall

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Thank you for your interest in the study of the everlasting and infallible Word of God.  The best way the Lord has given us to know Him and His Son Christ Jesus is through the Scriptures.  We are committed to searching and sharing the great truths of the Bible in local classes and through the marvelous medium of the internet.

The Coming in the Air and the Coming to the Earth
3rd Week: 2nd Coming Passages
A four-week Course
with identical classes on Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon
Tuesday evenings
April 13 – May 4 – 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler
Adult Education Building #203
(Note change from LH Building)
Live webcast on
Wednesday afternoons
April 14 – May 5 – 1:30 – 3:00 PM
Grace Community Church
Old Jacksonville Rd, Tyler
Education Building #205 A


Sunday Class at Grace Community Church on Old Jacksonville Rd., April 25, Room 3 in the Chapel Building, 9:30 AM

In our study of the Gospel of John, we see that in Chapter 15

Jesus explains that He wants us to have His joy, and that our joy would be full.  The world considers Christians to be dull sour pusses.  But the Lord says that we are to radiate with joy.

Carl Weber,as usual, will be leading in the time asking for prayer requests.  You will not want to miss the class this Sunday.



We shall continue our study of the Book of Exodus, and turn to the Passover story in the 12th Chapter.  There are so many pictures of Christ in the Passover, which is the oldest Biblical Feast that is still being observed today, after 3500 years.  On that night God struck down the firstborn sons of Egypt, but spared the firstborn sons of Israel.  Their doorposts had the lamb’s blood on them.
Jack and Arleen Jones will be presenting discipleship and prayer requests, and David and Melba Pierson will be assisting in the arrangements for the class.  All are invited.

Monday Luncheon Bible Class at Ryan’s Steak House on South Broadway, April 26, at 11:45 AM
We continue our series on the
Book of Genesis, and we come to the fifth day, in which God created life in the ocean, including the great whales and the multitude of fish, and then the many species of birds that fly in the air.  Variety and plenty characterize the animal life that the Great Designer has made.
Bob Dulin, as usual, will be the MC for class and lead in our prayer time. Plan to be with us

this Monday.


Tuesday, April 27, there is a men’s Luncheon Class that meets at 11:45 AM at Marvin United Methodist Church on the Second Floor opposite the elevator. The cost is $7.00 each.  To make a reservation, call the church office 903-592-7396 and tell them you are attending the men’s class.

We are continuing our class on Romans, and have come to Romans 14.  Here Paul explains that we are to be tolerant of each others concerns about “doubtful things.”   Activities that the Lord has not given direction are to be done before Him.  We have to give account to Him, not to others, and others are not responsible to us either.
Judge Tom Ramey will be the MC for the class and will be inviting prayer requests.

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